S&P Long and Medium Term Outlook

A favorite discussion the internet often likes to do is to debate whether we are in cycle, supercycle or grand supercycle degree in Elliott waveterms. Honestly for the immediate life of most of us it matters less, unless we plan to live over 150 years!   For those not familiar with Elliott wave terms, the … Continue reading


Medium Term Outlook on Dubai Financial Market General Index

On October 2015, I had presented a scenario which depicts an ongoing correction since the top in 2014.  During that post, I indicated that the DFMGI is undergoing what is known under Elliott Wave terms as a double Zig Zag.  The count, I present today does maintain the same view, with the count now near completion. … Continue reading

Medium Term Outlook on Dubai Financial Market General Index

Dubai Financial Market General Index has undergone a remarkable run up to 2005 into highs of 8544 and has ever since not seen these numbers even at the heights of the property bubble during 2007/2008. While the index crashed along international equity markets, however it didn’t manage to stage a recovery post 2009 as the S&P did. … Continue reading

Long Term Outlook on USD Index

In the two charts below, is the long term outlook on the USD presented. The USD has seen a remarkable run over a period of about 9 months. That has pushed several currencies of developing economies lower which only added pressure to international commodity trade that has already been suffering for several years. The Good … Continue reading